We're probably never going to hear the truth about wolves from any sources in Idaho because there is so much irrational fear and hatred of a predator that is more effective at hunting than humans. This 21st century witch hunt is now being fanned by Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's proposal of an "independent board" that would decide how many and where wolves will be killed to make hunters happy and help livestock growers who won't take responsibility for protecting their animals. Otter refuses to adequately fund education or help the people of Idaho obtain health insurance, but he is willing to use $2 million of our taxes to fund a special board, which will also have funding from private donors, to help "manage" wolves. Real unbiased and scientific, isn't it? One might wonder where the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is in all of this, except I think we know - doing the bidding of hunters, trappers and livestock owners.

If that doesn't already make Idaho look like the inhumane fools we are, federal wildlife killers have been hired to take to the air to wipe out two wolf packs inside the Frank Church Wilderness. Wilderness areas are where wolf packs are supposed to be - if outfitters can't find elk to kill there, well tough.

Susan Westervelt


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