Fall is here, with pumpkin and apple dishes in full season, which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

In a time of year where we often think of enjoying seasonal foods with friends and family, immigrant families may be forced to choose between feeding the ones they love and staying in this country.

Making choices about food is not the only challenge these families may be faced with if changes to immigration policy proposed by the Department of Homeland Security are allowed to proceed. Under these changes, people could be denied permanent residency in this country for receiving SNAP (or food stamps), Medicaid, federal housing assistance or other anti-poverty programs. This means that programs designed to help people get out of poverty could also be used to prevent people from being able to stay in this country.

This is unjust, and I would ask Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers to stand against this kind of policy change, wherever it comes from.

Jamie Steach


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