Voters need to know that the Republican-dominated Idaho Legislature wants to repeal the 17th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that allows voters to elect their own U.S. Senators. The Idaho GOP wants to have state legislators pick our state's U.S. senators instead. Let the people of Idaho vote on their own U.S. senators, please.

Idaho GOP legislators also want to change the way our voting districts are determined, from being a bipartisan commission to a system in which GOP commissioners could approve a new map without the support of any Democratic commissioners. They tried last year and will surely try again.

If voters approve expansion of Medicaid eligibility, the Idaho GOP-led Legislature, which opposes the initiative, could just repeal it, ignoring Idaho voters. It makes common sense to expand Medicaid, and if voters approve it, it should be implemented.

Make your vote count. Please vote for Democrats to keep your voting power. Vote for Dave Nelson (Idaho Senate), Margie Gannon and Laurene Sorenson (Idaho State House) to restore balance to the Idaho Legislature.

Martha Lovett


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