We would like to encourage Pullman voters to join us in voting for the hospital bond (Proposition 1) before the April 23 ballot deadline. For nearly 20 years we have watched friends and family members in the community obtaining medical care. We have seen serious shortcomings in available specialty care that cause great expense and the need to travel long distances, sometimes overnight and often in inclement weather. We have also seen the detrimental and costly effects on care when providers do not have access to records of tests and procedures already performed for a patient.

If PRH is to remain viable it must keep up with the continuous improvement in facilities, equipment, staff and systems that are taking place in medical care. Without a commitment of the Pullman community to this path, we risk wholesale loss of medical care as has happened in many rural areas across the country.

We believe that the medical and financial benefits for Pullman taxpayers far outweigh the projected costs of the bond measure. While others have argued that the hospital district serves people who live outside the district who will not be paying for the bonds, we see that the benefits to people in the district justify our support of this measure.

Join us in investing in a healthy future for our community.

Carl and Ginny Hauser


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