When George W. Bush decided to attack Iraq, with no evidence of weapons of mass destruction, or bad intelligence, I believe we contributed to the creation of an entire generation of terrorists. That reckless decision changed our relationship to the Middle East forever and did irreparable harm to our standing in an entire region of the world.

Now we have a president who is so convinced families fleeing violence and corruption in their home countries pose a serious enough threat to our safety that he's willing to hold our government agencies hostage to this delusion. And, once again, I fear we are creating an entire generation of children for whom the United States will forever be seen as the source of some of the greatest suffering they've experienced. The justification being given is that we are in imminent danger from these refugees seeking asylum.

What about our own home-grown young, mostly affluent, men who are committing mass murder in our communities, our schools and our churches? How much of a threat are they to our safety? And what is being done to stem the tide of the violence from our own citizens who have access to weapons designed for warfare?

We are under the thumb of a man who has the impulse control of a toddler, who is delusional, impetuous, incompetent, ignorant and probably in the early stages of dementia.

What's it going to take for our elected officials to end this nightmare?

Meg Kelley


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