We've all met that child whose sole aspiration in life is to annoy others.

No one escapes the picking - not the parents, not the friends, not the teachers.

As parents know, the solution is to ignore the brat because it's all for attention.

Most children outgrow such antics by the time they reach puberty, or earlier.

Most, but clearly not all - look no further than Pullman and the WSU College Republicans.

We are sure at some point - many moons ago - the organization served a legitimate purpose and contributed to thoughtful dialogue. Today, its members care only about advancing a white nationalist view and angering "libs" and minorities - and, most importantly, gaining followers on social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

The group has faded from public view in the past year since its chief white supremacist, James Allsup, moved on. So, like an attention-craving toddler, the WSU College Republicans decided it was time to build another "Trump wall."

They asked the public for a handout and started a GoFundMe campaign on Oct. 25 to raise $2,500 to help construct the wooden structure and support a rally on Nov. 27.

As of the start of this past week, they had received a grand total of nine donations - all but one anonymously - amounting to $415.

Clearly, their plight struck a chord with the Pullman and WSU communities.

With not enough donations and apparently unwilling to pay for the wall themselves (maybe they should just ask Mexico?), the group informed WSU it would not stage the demonstration as planned.

Then The Spokesman-Review came to the rescue and published a story earlier this week about the failed mission. The piece was subsequently picked up by numerous media outlets and has helped the cause gain more traction. A man from Alabama generously pitched in $100 on Wednesday, and the total donations have now topped $1,000. The added attention means it is likely we will see a poorly constructed plywood wall erected on the WSU campus this coming spring.

Unfortunately, The Spokesman-Review fell into the WSU College Republicans' trap and gave it the attention it craves, just as we are sure WSU students will do when the wall is actually built.

But there is another way - treat them exactly as you would that annoying little brat.

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