You may have noticed something different about today's front page.

Or you may have missed it altogether.

Take a look again. The "Pullman-Moscow Daily News."

It is not a permanent change, but we feel it should get the message across - we are not the Moscow Daily News.

For too long, we have heard from those residing in Pullman that they feel their city plays No. 2 to Moscow in our newspaper.

We have always felt that was a misperception, but, nonetheless, it is still a prevalent feeling harbored by many Pullman residents - and we want to change that.

For the past several months, we have been tracking where our front page stories come from - was it about Moscow, Pullman, Washington State University or the University of Idaho? Was it written by one of our staff writers or by The Associated Press?

What we have found is on most days, at least 75 percent of our front page is local content - and we take pride in that fact. We know you can get your national and world news from just about anywhere, but we strive to offer the most thorough and timely reporting on the local issues that matter to you.

We have also found that the number of stories about WSU and the UI are basically equal - and most often, these stories are focusing on the positive work being done by students and faculty.

When it comes to Moscow and Pullman, we have published a handful more stories from the Idaho side of the border, but it usually amounts to roughly one less Pullman story a week - and we are working to make our coverage more balanced.

Regardless of what the numbers demonstrate, we really want to hear from our readers - and even non-readers - about what stories they would like to see in our paper. If you have a news tip or know of a neighbor who deserves to be highlighted for his or her good deeds, let us know. We really do care.

Our door has always been open to the public, so feel free to stop by any time - or give us a call or shoot us an email. In the coming year, we are also going to make an effort to hold a handful of informal meetings. The idea is to plan a few in Pullman and in Moscow. We will provide coffee and cookies, and we hope you will come with questions and suggestions. We will update you when times and locations are finalized.

In the past year, our paper has undergone numerous changes, and we expect this coming year will be just as eventful.

In the coming weeks and months, you will likely notice some changes to our opinion page, as we are looking to add new columnists. We have a great group of columnists, but we know there are many other strong voices living on the Palouse, and we would like to give them a chance to be heard. If you would like to be considered, please send us an email to expressing your interest and giving us a little background about yourself. We would also like to see two or three columns, 650 words or less, to get an idea of your interests and writing style.

We are also working on a six-week-long series that we are extremely excited about. No date has been finalized for the series, but you can expect to see it early in the year.

We also will continue to focus on our web and social media presence. Our website is no longer a static page updated once a day. News is happening all day, and our website reflects that reality. Similarly, we do our best to keep our audience informed with local happenings on Facebook. We have also added a new opinion page to Facebook, where we post our editorials, columns and some letters, and we are growing our presence on Instagram. We invite you to check us out on these many platforms, and we welcome feedback.

Devin Rokyta is the managing editor of the Daily News. He lives in Moscow and has been employed in various roles at the newspaper for more than a decade. He can be reached at

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