Washington State defensive lineman Daniel Ekuale, WSU running back Theron West, and a 17-year-old on the team were all arrested Saturday night/Sunday morning in Pullman.

Ekuale and the 17-year-old were arrested for minor frequenting a tavern, while West was arrested for reckless driving. The arrests come at an interesting time, as Ekuale practiced with the first-team defense Sunday, while West led the team with 9.7 yards per carry against Nevada. He finished with 29 yards on three carries.

The police report for both can be seen here. The one for West says "Report of Domestic Dispute. Officers Responded. Arrested Theron R. West for Reckless Driving." However, Pullman police commander Chris Tenant said West was not involved in any domestic violence, but was rather a bystander.

"Mr. West was not involved in the domestic, although he was present and is an acquaintance with everybody involved. The short story is the domestic involved two females. Officers were responding to the domestic, saw a vehicle driven by West leave the parking lot at an extremely high rate of speed. The officer had to get out of the way of the vehicle as he was on foot," Tenant said. "The domestic is a separate incident. West was questioned as to his driving. He indicated he was basically upset about the domestic and leaving the area to get away from it."

West was given a criminal citation for reckless driving but also had no driver's license and had no car insurance and was given a ticket for both.

As for Ekuale, the incident happened at Stubblefield's around 1 a.m. Sunday morning.

"Management was complaining they had a couple people that had snuck in through the back door and they believed they were underage. Officers responded and contacted the two people identified by management, which was Ekuale - he is 20 years of age - and also a 17-year-old," Tenant said. "Both identified themselves as being on the football team. Both indicated they had been let in the back door. They were cooperative but the license liquor establishment - you can’t be in there unless you’re 21, so they were arrested but released at their own recognizance at the scene."

The arrests come less than 30 hours after WSU lost 24-13 to Nevada to drop to 0-2 on the season.

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