For residents of the Palouse looking for a classy snack shop, their hopes have been answered.

Noshies - a wine, beer, cheese and snack shop located at 145 SE Kamiaken St. in Pullman - had its soft opening in August and has been adding to its inventory since, said Willow Falcon, the shop's owner.

The store has a special focus on beers and wines from around the Pacific Northwest as well as snacks and cheeses from the area and abroad.

"A lot of my customers I picture are like me," Falcon said. "They work in the downtown area, they want to leave their office, pick up a snack, maybe take it back to their office, not necessarily to sit down, but not be gas station food."

Noshies sells chocolates, chips, crackers, cheese and pickled vegetables, which come from vendors around the West Coast, especially Portland and Seattle.

"While it's not all fresh, it's got a more healthy take to it," Falcon said. "It's organic, it's specialty ingredients. So I wanted to offer those grab-and-go gourmet snacks."

Another focus for Falcon with her new shop has been providing one or two tastings a week.

These tastings can be for beer or wine and are typically paired with a snack.

"When I came up with the concept of the store, I really wanted it to be a place where you could have an experience without buying anything," Falcon said. "If I want to go to a wine shop, I love the opportunity to try before you buy."

Themes for the tastings change week to week and have included a wine and chocolate tasting during Pullman's Chocolate Decadence event and playing off Washington State University's football schedule.

"Pullman's pretty Cougar football-oriented, so we did a Washington wine with an Oregon wine when we played the Ducks here, and that was awesome," Falcon said.

For a Thanksgiving theme, Falcon had tastings of wines that would pair well with Turkey Day foods.

As Falcon's shop sees more customers, she said she's altering her inventory accordingly. A section of the store she's hoping to expand is her beer selection.

"A lot of beer enthusiasts have been pretty excited and supportive of the store, so I'd like to reciprocate by having a better, well-curated section," she said.

Falcon also hopes to add some fresh grab-and-go foods, like sandwiches.

But even without those additions, Falcon said the public's response to the shop has been wonderful, and many of her customers tell her Pullman needed a shop like Noshies.

"I've been super honored and appreciative of the Pullman people who've come in and expressed their excitement and enthusiasm for this store," she said.

While still learning the ropes of the beer and wine retail industry, Falcon said she's excited to see where Noshies ends up.

"I'm always going to be learning and educating and making this a growth experience for myself," she said. "So wherever that takes me, I'm open to it."

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