Taking kids to the mall isn't the calmest of shopping experiences.

But Austin and Laura Storm, owners of the Storm Cellar in downtown Moscow, hope shopping in their new business is a better experience for parents.

With paper globe lanterns and a neutral forest motif on the walls, Hansel and Gretel is the Palouse's newest kids clothing option.

The consignment store opened Thursday, after accepting items for about two weeks while finishing up the interior design, Laura Storm said.

The store specializes in classic, simple and gently used clothing, not trendy items or licensed characters, and stays away from accessories and furniture. Maternity clothing is also available.

Prices range from $1.50 for a onesie to $15. The item owner receives 50 percent of the profits, while the store keeps the other half. Items range in age from newborn to 5 years.

"This really fits the culture of Moscow," said Austin Storm, noting the recycled pallet boards on the store name and a back accent wall, as well as the reused clothing. "We're recycling items and keeping the business in the community."

Although the Storms don't have any children, they have nieces and friends with kids. And they have a commitment to clothing. The Storm Cellar, which sells name-brand adult merchandise, has been open for two years.

The original goal was to incorporate items into the Storm Cellar, but the business ran out of space, Laura Storm said.

That's OK, she said. The new business, across the street, has been styled with calm in mind, Austin Storm said.

"We'd have moms in the Storm Cellar telling us they would come back without their kids," Laura Storm said. "Kids pick up on the mood of the adults, and we want it to be mellow in here."

The Storms hope Hansel & Gretel can help make downtown Moscow more kid-friendly.

"It's a good complement," Austin Storm said, citing several other kid-friendly downtown businesses.

So far, about 100 people have dropped off items, ranging from a grocery bag of clothes to multiple boxes of them, Laura Storm said. And most of the walk-in visits have been from word of mouth, Facebook and customers at the Storm Cellar.

"Kids go through clothes so quickly, a lot of times it looks new," Austin Storm said.

The Storms and longtime employee Lenora Knight will work in both the Storm Cellar and Hansel and Gretel.

Hansel and Gretel is at 511 S. Main St. in Moscow. Store hours are 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, and the phone number at the Storm Cellar is (208) 874-4345, as Hansel and Gretel does not yet have a phone. Both stores are also on Facebook and respond quickly to queries.

Ultimately, the goal of both stores is to cycle high-quality items back through the community.

"In this business, once a thrifter, always a thrifter," Laura Storm said.

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