Public Health – Idaho North Central District reported another 178 new cases Tuesday, including 104 in Nez Perce County and 34 in Latah County.

The new count brings Latah County’s total number of cases to 1,445. Of that sum, 865 people have recovered and the district has reported one death related to the disease since the pandemic began.

Latah’s 34 new cases include five people younger than 18 years old, nine men and six women between the ages of 18 and 29, one man and five women in their 30s, one man in his 40s, three men and two women in their 50s and a man and a woman in their 60s.

The county remains in the “moderate” risk category, according to the district’s website. Last week’s total number of cases was 233 and averaged a little more than 33 cases per day.

Moscow School District Superintendent Greg Bailey said they have had 24 confirmed cases since the beginning of the school year this fall, doubling the number of cases from one week ago. Bailey said most of the 24 people infected did not contract the virus from being careless — for example, not wearing masks — but contracted it from being in small gatherings or from an infected family member.

Bailey reminded students and staff to take precautions even in small groups outside of school.

He said the school district has only had one “in-building transmission,” meaning almost every one of the 24 people infected contracted the virus from outside a Moscow school.

Whitman County reported nine new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, pushing its total to date to 2,076.

According to a news release from Whitman County Public Health, new cases include one person younger than 20 years old, two women and three men between the ages of 20 and 39, a man and a woman between 40 and 59 and a man between 60 and 79. Three people are currently hospitalized and all others are stable and self-isolating.

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