On Sunday, another school district was hit by the news of a positive COVID-19 test.

A coach on the Potlatch volleyball team informed the school district of a positive test result, forcing the postponment of all this week’s matches.

“I ask that you work with us and be patient as we cross this ‘uncharted territory,’” superintendent Jeff Cirka said in a news release. “I will provide further information and news as we move forward through the next few days.”

The name of the coach who tested positive is being withheld because of privacy laws.

This is the fourth known case of the coronavirus having an impact in this area on high school sports, the second dealing with a coach, and the third incident in just nine days. It was revealed on Sept. 18 that a Genesee High School football coach had a positive result. Then on Thursday it was learned a player on the Lewiston High School freshman team tested positive for COVID-19. On Sept. 11, it was revealed a Grangeville football player tested positive for the coronavirus.

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