Whitman County Public Health reported another death related to COVID-19 this past weekend.

There have been 38 COVID-19-related deaths, to date, among Whitman County residents.

The county received another 38 positive COVID-19 test results during the weekend and Monday, bringing the county’s total to 3,118.

There was also another hospitalization, which brings the total number of hospitalizations since the pandemic began to 82.

The latest patients include five people younger than the age of 20, 24 people between ages 20-39, six people between ages 40-59, two people between ages 60-79 and one person at least 80 years old.

Interim Whitman County Public Health Director Chris Skidmore said the main way for Washington residents to sign up for COVID-19 vaccinations is through FindYourPhaseWA.org.

The website will take people through a questionnaire to confirm when they are eligible for vaccines.

Those who are eligible can print or take a screenshot of an eligibility certificate on that website.

Eligible individuals will then be redirected to a new page with information on which providers are offering vaccinations and how people can register for local vaccine clinics. Pullman Regional Hospital, Whitman Hospital, Palouse Medical, Sid’s Pharmacy and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories are the Whitman County locations with vaccines, according to Skidmore. Safeway in Pullman is also listed as a location on the Washington Department of Health website.

The vaccine is available in Washington to anyone 65 and older, and all people 50 and older who also live in a multigenerational household.

Those not currently eligible to receive vaccinations can sign up for an automated notification when they become eligible.

Skidmore said they can also use FindYourPhaseWA.org to sign up for mass vaccination clinics being held in Whitman County on the weekends, including this upcoming weekend. Skidmore said the website is the main way to find out the location of these clinics. He said his department has not publicly announced the clinic locations because he is concerned a large number of ineligible people will arrive and slow down the process.

In Latah County, 16 COVID-19 cases were reported during the weekend and Monday. There have been 2,312 confirmed cases and 126 probable cases in the county so far. There have been six COVID-19-related deaths, to date.

The latest patients include four people between ages 13-17, three between ages 18-29, one in their 30s, four in their 40s, three in their 50s and one in their 60s.

The University of Idaho on Monday announced 14 of the 778 COVID-19 tests that were administered on campus between Jan. 16-22 were positive. This is a positivity rate of 1.8 percent.

Of the first 6,023 tests of the spring semester, 1.78 percent came back positive.

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