A “Mask Moscow” sign on State Highway 8 at the Moscow Cemetery was reported vandalized early Tuesday morning, making it the third time this month one of the signs was illegally painted.

Moscow Police Department Capt. Will Krasselt said white paint was used to vandalize the sign.

The sign normally reads “Mask Moscow” at the top, shows three coloful face masks in the middle and “Enforced Because We Care” on the bottom of the sign.

In this case, Krasselt said the white paint was used to change the wording to say, “Unmask Moscow” and “Enforced Because We Scared.”

A “Mask Moscow” sign at the north entrance to town was vandalized twice this month.

The most recent occurrence was last week when black spray-paint was used to cross out all the words on the sign and an “X” was painted through the three face masks. Krasselt said the first time the sign was vandalized the word “Care” was replaced with “Can.”

City crews were able to remove the paint from the signs in all three occurrences.

Jen Pfiffner, deputy city supervisor of culture, recreation and employee services, said in an email last week that the original Mask Moscow campaign was a partnership among the city, University of Idaho, Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Gritman Medical Center.

The city then adapted the original campaign to include the “Enforced Because We Care” messaging and a third iteration, which includes “Stronger Together” on billboards in town, was developed by Gritman and the city, Pfiffner wrote.

She wrote that Mask Moscow signs are located at each of the entrances to Moscow and the billboards are on Troy Road, at the north couplet near Dutch Bros and on North Main Street by Moscow Building Supply.

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