Give audiobooks a shot to help pass the time


If you’re reading this column, I’ll assume today is shaping up to be very different than a normal Tuesday.

You may be working from home. You may be teaching your children how to do long division. You may be wondering about how many hours your manager can carve out for you this week at work. You’re likely hyper-alert to every cough, sniffle or sneeze within a two-block radius.

Recent events across the globe and in our own communities have spawned anxiety, doubt and, perhaps, even some fear. We get it, because we feel it, too. There have been challenges. There will be more. There will be better Tuesdays, however. We’re confident of that.

The newsroom at the Daily News, staffed by a handful of your neighbors, is committed to delivering the news of the day, news obviously dominated by the novel coronavirus.

Our mission is to bring you the facts about the virus, its spread and the ways we as a community can help limit its impact. To that end, we’re trying to be agile and efficient in the way we deliver the news. Accomplishing that goal demands we evolve to better serve the reader.

Regular readers will notice some changes in today’s report, in print and online. Those changes are outlined below. Please let us know what you think.

Coronavirus stories outside pay wall: Since late last week, we’ve had our online coronavirus stories outside our subscription pay wall. Please go to for our locally produced content and select regional and national stories about the outbreak. We’re working to keep that page updated hourly with stories that affect us all. We encourage you to bookmark it and return often. And consider this an open invitation to subscribe to the Daily News if you do not do so already.

Coronavirus quick hits: Please turn to Page 2 of today’s print edition for our Community Bulletin Board. There’s a lot happening — and not happening — across the Palouse, and this is our attempt to quickly and efficiently spread what we’ve heard about closures, cancellations and opportunities in the time of social distancing. We invite you to submit your items to the board. We’ll count on your eyes and ears to keep everyone informed.

The Morning Report: The Daily News last week quietly launched the Morning Report. The 3-minute audio roundup (a podcast, if you will) of daily headlines and can be found at News reporter Scott Jackson is commanding the mic, and we think you’ll enjoy a quick listen weekdays as you start your morning. Our goal is to provide key headlines with the hope you’ll feel compelled to know more.

Sports coverage: If you notice the print and online editions of the paper seem a bit more “streamlined” in coming weeks, our sports coverage will likely be the reason. At this point there are few sports to actually cover. We’re looking forward to when our communities can return to watching and cheering for our athletes, which likely means we’ve reached the backside of the current threat.

Acting now, planning ahead: We’re taking extra steps to sanitize our public areas of our office on the third floor of the federal building in Moscow. If you need to visit, be confident we’re doing all we can to keep our employees and visitors safe. Any Daily News employee who can work remotely is being asked to do so. While not expected, we may experience a potential disruption at our Lewiston printing facility, which could prevent our ability to produce the printed copy of the Daily News. Should we not be able to print the Daily News, our online pay wall at will be removed. Plans are in the works to develop alternatives to lessen the financial impact on newspaper carriers should a print disruption last more than a few days.

Reaching us: We’d encourage readers to email or call with all news tips, questions and concerns that can be handled without an in-person visit. Call us at (208) 883-4622 or email We have a complete list of office contacts at

Craig Staszkow is the managing editor of the Daily News. He can be reached at

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