The recent increase in Latah County COVID-19 positive cases is likely isolated to a few Greek chapters at the University of Idaho, according to UI President Scott Green.

In a memo to the public, Green said two of those chapters are now in quarantine.

The university is trying to identify and test those who have been in contact with anyone who tested positive.

Thirty-three confirmed or probable cases were reported in Latah County during the past weekend and Monday.

The latest patients include 16 people between ages 18-29, three people in their 30s, three in their 40s, eight in their 50s, one in their 60s and two in their 70s.

There have been 2,600 total confirmed cases and 151 probable cases in the county so far.

There have been six total COVID-19-related deaths since the pandemic began.

Whitman County reported 41 new positive COVID-19 test results during the past weekend and Monday.

No new deaths or hospitalizations were reported. There have been 45 total deaths in the county to date.

The latest patients include 20 people under the age of 20, 16 people between ages 20-39, one person between ages 40-59 and four people between ages 60-79.

There have been 3,396 known COVID-19 cases in the county so far.

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