The Whitepine Joint School District, servicing Deary and Bovill, has announced it will close beginning today to discourage the local spread of the novel coronavirus.

According to an announcement posted to the district’s webpage, the plan is to remain closed through spring break week which starts March 30.

“We will determine our future schedule as more data and recommendations are available, and will announce those plans prior to the normal return from Spring Break on Monday, April 6,” the post reads. “Teachers have been preparing students to complete work at home, and this process will continue through various means as necessary to reduce the loss of educational progress.”

Whitepine Superintendent Bruce Bradberry said at first, educational materials offered to students will be considered similar to long-term homework. Should it be deemed necessary to extend the closure past April 6, he said teachers will have developed more targeted strategies to deliver instruction remotely. He said the district will follow recommendations from entities like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the White House when considering whether to extend the closure.

Bradberry said the first few days of the closure will be treated similar to snow days. However, he said the district will be prepared to offer meals to students if the closure extends beyond April 6.

Troy School District closed Tuesday with the intention of resuming class April 6 after spring break, though that may be subject to change.

A post on the Troy district’s webpage states that teachers will prepare methods for remote instruction, possibly through online strategies and packets that parents can pick up. The post says the school will offer packed breakfast and lunch to students through the closure.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Potatch, Genesee and Kendrick school districts remain open. The Moscow School District is closed, with plans to resume April 6.

Those affected by the closures can consult Troy and Whitepine district webpages for updates.

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