Latah County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Thompson said his office has been contacted by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Child Protection Services and was informed that it will be opening an investigation into the family of Steven Sitler.

Sitler, 30, of Moscow, pleaded guilty in September 2006 to lewd conduct with a child under 16. He was sentenced to life in prison, with retained jurisdiction, and was released on to probation after completing the retained jurisdiction programming and serving less than a year in Latah County Jail.

Since his release, Sitler has married and now has an infant son. On Sept. 1, Latah County 2nd District Court Judge John Stegner ordered that Sitler must continue to have an approved chaperone present, within his direct line of sight, at all times he is around his child.

During the same hearing, Thompson said the court had obtained results of a polygraph test taken by Sitler that “shows (Sitler) has had contact with his child that resulted in actual sexual stimulation.” The incidents in question also occurred while Sitler was chaperoned, he said.

Thompson said Wednesday that the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has requested access to sealed documents from the court file. Sitler’s defense attorney and the judge did not have any objection to the request, so an order has been sent allowing access, he said.

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