Flannigan Creek Archive Stories

Stories pulled from the Daily News archives from the time for the Flannigan Creek Fire in 2003

Amy Ellis sat in the bed of a truck with her dog and cat and watched the smoke rise out of the trees 100 yards from her Moscow Mountain home.

VIOLA -- Just off Flannigan Creek Road, horses graze inside fenced pastures. Deer run across the road, disappearing into tall brush. And the acrid stench of smoke hangs in the air,

Weekend rains helped put an early end to fires that burned last week at the edges of Moscow Mountain. Nolan Noren, area supervisor for the Department of Lands Ponderosa

When fires blazed at the base of Moscow Mountain last week, Moscow Fire Chief Don Strong had no problems rallying people to fight the flames. The problem was communicating with

The people responsible for several suspicious July and August fires in Latah County remain unknown. Local investigators say it is possible they will never catch those responsible. Latah County's fire

When wildfires break out in Latah County, rural firefighters aren't the only ones to respond. Bennett Lumber Products Inc. in Princeton has a fleet of tankers and its own fire