During this holiday season, the Latah Recovery Center would like to thank the residents of Latah County for the tremendous support that we have received over the last year. That support has allowed the Center to provide many services to a number of our residents seeking help from mental health and substance abuse issues. In 2019 you have made it possible for our volunteers to provide 4,300 hours supporting:

463 free Recovery Coaching sessions.

655 referrals to local community resources.

Support groups attended 9,171 times.

Outreach efforts to Deary/Kendrick and Potlatch and local veterans.

Development of a new behavioral health crisis center.

We are making in difference in peoples lives, and it could not be done without your generous support. Please contact the Center at (208) 883-1045 if you have any questions concerning the services provided or would like to volunteer some of your time. Any comments received as to how we can better meet the needs of the residents of Latah County would be greatly appreciated.

Once again, thank you so very much for your continued support.

Greg Mann

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Latah Community Recovery Center

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