The Potlatch library recently hosted an event organized by the city of Moscow called Coffee with a Cop. It’s designed to be an opportunity for the community to get to know our local law enforcement. During the event, the discussion turned toward how nice it would be if there were no need for law enforcement.

One of the deputies mentioned that it was nice to be needed sometimes, too. This conversation made me realize that librarians and law enforcement officers aren’t so very different from each other. Both professions attract people who want to serve their communities. Both professions help people have better, more comfortable lives. We do it for our communities.

We try to contribute to people’s happiness by offering opportunities to learn, create, connect. Every time we create book displays and someone picks up those specially selected books, it gives our jobs meaning. When you return that book and let us know how you liked it, that connection reinforces the need for libraries. Did you know that each time the library receives a thank you card or note, it is shared with the entire library district? Your input is appreciated and noted throughout the county.

Some people may think that librarians just want to be around books, and we definitely do love the books. But even library staff who don’t work directly with the public, like marketing specialists, love that they get to be part of offering the community loads of free resources and events. The Latah County Library District offers events every single week day and some weekends, too.

Librarians spend their time designing programming to fit your schedules and interests. If you have ideas of something you’d like to see in your library, let your librarian know.

Another favorite thing for your local librarians is letting you know just how many cool resources we have. Free online courses. Free movie streaming. Digital books and online audio books. Consumer Reports and magazines

with Flipster. Not to mention if Valnet, the consortium the library district participates in, doesn’t have your book, we can request it from another library elsewhere in the country.

We also have kits with things like ukuleles and telescopes. We have internet hotspots you can check out. If there is an item you think we might have, there’s a good chance we do. Some of our branches have community rooms you can reserve, and we love to see those busy, too.

The Latah County Library District has little community hubs (a.k.a. branch libraries) scattered all over Latah County. Thank you for visiting and checking out the books and other resources. Thank you for your book recommendations. Thank you for coming to our classes and events. Thank you for your notes and feedback. And thank you for making our library days more meaningful through the connections made at the library.

Beth Tunnell is the Potlatch library branch manager.

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