Feb. 28

Evelynn Bonnie Hale, a girl, to Matthan and Jordan Hale

March 1

Lexie Eve Scheckel, a girl, to Sandra and Brandon Scheckel

March 2

Peyton Nile Reader, a boy, to Jill and Brian Reader

Harlee Jo Bullock, a girl, to Jessika Thomas and Robert Bullock

March 3

Ruby Lynn Belchoff, a girl, to Rebecca Waddel and Wesley Belchoff

March 4

Peter Ames Martens, a boy, to Fraser and Bobbi Martens

Cannon McGraw, a boy, to Mallory Cox and Dillon McGraw

March 5

Gabriel Elias Horvath, a boy, to Tegan and Matthew Horvath


Feb. 25

Nathaniel David Cole, a boy, to Ben and Teresa Cole

March 2

Maisie Jo Druffel, a girl, to Mollie and Chase Druffel

George Noah Wesner, a boy, to Dalton Wesner and Yadira Rivers

March 4

Lincoln Walter Shafer, a boy, to Autumn Avery and Jeremy Shafer

March 5

Jenalee Marie Sue Sandoval, a girl, to Jaylee Raup and Marco Sandoval

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