Pullman Regional Hospital

May 29

Thayne Paul Zenner, a boy, to Clint and Alecia Zenner

June 1

Milo Sage Chatburn, a boy, to Timothy and Kasi Chatburn

June 1

Ridge Howard Berglund, a boy, to Jake and Cyaney Berglund

June 3

Colt Alan Kincaid, a boy, to Zachary and Taylor K

June 6

Daphne Agnes Larson, a girl, to Andrew and Kelsie Larson

Gritman Medical Center

April 15

Audrey Nicole Alfrey, a girl, to Ashley Konrad and Jimmy Alfrey

April 17

Ayah Ibrahem Aljahani, a girl, to Abrar Sindi and Ibrahem Aljahani

April 19

Anneliese Marie Peterson, a girl, to Amanda L. Davis and Brett A. Peterson

Anna Jo Rasmussen, a girl, to Anna Mikayla and Craig Rasmussen

April 21

Lena Alqahtani, a girl to Tahani and Abdullah Alqahtani

Avery Lynn Maffey, a girl, to Jordan and Justin Maffey

Henry David Stockton, a boy, to Chelsea and David Stockton

April 22

Ingrid Charlia Harms, a girl, to Katherine and Matthew Harms

Edmond Alexandre Goodwin, a boy, to Emily and Justin Goodwin

May 5

Della Rose Nightingale, a girl, to Kelsey and Eli Nightingale

May 13

Brody Tyler Merrell, a boy, to Ariel and Cody Merrell

May 15

Abel John Schug, a boy, to Vanessa Chase and Chase Schug

May 17

Avery Joy Burnett, a girl, to Jon and Valari BurnettGracie and Harper Schacher, twin girls, to Jamie Schansher

May 19

Luke Hunter Renggli, a boy, to Chris and Logan Renggli

May 24

Kawhi Redheart Williams, a boy, to Tawiya and Anthony Williams

May 28

Natalee Ryan Truitt, a girl to Hana and James Truitt

May 29

Benton Criag Morford, a boy, to Douglas Joseph and Laura Ann Morford

May 30

Scarlette Marie Judith Jones, a girl, to Deren and Lacey Jones

May 31

Everly Noelle Hagler, a girl, to Sarah and Jerry Hagler

June 3

Nora Jane Swearingen, a girl to Zach and Ember Swearingten

June 5

Weston Willis Chidester, a boy, to Alexandria Smith and Jacob Chidester

June 6

Katherine Maurine Ratliff, a girl, to Anna and David Ratliff

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