March 28

Rayan Alaa Edris, a boy, to Rawan Mursi and Alaa Edris

April 1

Daxton Ray Tibbets, a boy, to Jordan Pollack and Jesse Tibbets

April 2

Charley Lynn Woodley, a girl, to Korey and Steven Woodley

April 3

Jamie Anderson Brown, a boy, to Sarah and Kevin Brown


March 21

Joycelyn Kae Wilson, a girl, to Megan and Justin Wilson

March 23

Eliana Grace Cook, a girl, to Katie and Cory Cook

Emmett Eggers, a boy, to Angela and Drew Eggers

March 27

Cash Lyle Townsend, a boy, to McKenna Welker and Brandon Townsend

March 29

Elora Catherine Bertsch, a girl, to Clark and Bethany Bertsch

March 30

Trace Phoenix Weis, a boy, to Danielle Prindle and Ryan Weis

April 4

Evelyn Claire Montin, a girl, to Joseph Montin and Chloe Josefson

Torin Andrew Billings, a boy, to Brent and Maggi Billings

April 5

Tychus Lee Garcia, a boy, to Gabriel and Hazel Garcia

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