Jan. 9

Maverick James Engles and Kason Becker Engles, twin boys, to Steven and Stephanie Engles

Jan. 14

Jemeni Aziel Gonzales, a boy, to Jessica Brenes and David Gonzales

Jan. 16

Joyce Oluwasona Aina, a girl, to Mary and Samuel Aina


Dec. 28

Atreyu Frost Kilborn, a boy, to Melissa Strunk and Jerry Kilborn

Jan. 5

Briana Angel Jarvis, a girl, to Alycia Bond and Justin Jarvis

Jan. 9

Maddox Kyle McCall, a boy, to Kyle and Madison McCall

Jan. 15

David Lee Ternes III, a boy, to Ruth and David Ternes II

Willow Ray Hanvey, a girl, to Savanna Ray Eads Wellman and Randy Hanvey

Jasper James Engerbretson, a boy, to Elisabeth and James Engerbretson

Jan. 18

Daxton Mark-David Raff, a boy, to Mariah and Jeremy Raff

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