If you’ve ever watched professional rasslin’ (wrestling), you know why a dog’s ear bleeds so badly from the tiniest of cuts.

You see, in the squared circle, every pro wrester knows a drop of blood and a tablespoon of sweat looks like a mortal head wound and the victim is about to succumb. The phenomenon of being a “juicer,” means you get paid more per bout so they will “blade” one another for a bigger payday. The wounds, however, usually are inconsequential.

Now take that to your average dog owner. They take their dog to a local dog park, like my friends did. The dogs all get to romping around, and soon the open-mouth jousting begins. That’s healthy and all in good fun. It’s fun until one dog gets a little too rambunctious and accidentally bites another’s ear. Soon there’s a yelp and the owners are wondering what happened.

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