Tim Teeman, a senior editor and writer for the Daily Beast, last week published an extensive interview with a pet psychic from the United Kingdom who says she has spoken with Joe and Jill Biden’s dogs.

Before folks scream “ah ha” and point to the president-elect’s broken foot as evidence he is unfit to serve, cool your jets for a minute. Know that the Biden’s didn’t ask for this. Instead, this woman, Beth Lee-Crowther, did her “reading,” with pictures of the Biden dogs for a British TV show.

Yep, pictures. Now that is some psychic reach.

Watch out. All this psychic has to do is get a hold of some picture of your family pet from anywhere, and she now has the keys to your front door. Think about it. You’ve got to worry about this woman sneaking into your house by psychic linking with a picture of your dog. Then, your dog will spill the beans about how you smuggled legal weed from Washington into Idaho, your spouse drinks a little too much and your kids are unruly little monsters.

Consider all the things you do in front of your pets that they could rat you out on. Big-tech and big-media are probably tapping into the network of pets’ pictures online and learning everything about you without your knowledge or approval. And you thought Alexa or Siri were dangerous? And not to mention those mysterious cats that slink around the house quietly watching and recording your every move.

So, you need to jump on this latest conspiracy and chase down and destroy every picture of every animal that knows something about you. I hear some people say, in fact I think it is a lot of people, maybe even a majority, that under President Biden, the CIA, the U.S. Army and DARPA will resurrect their psychic experiments with goats again.

And who do you suppose will head up the program? None other than Beth Lee-Crowther. She isn’t even American. She’s from the English midlands, Worcestershire County to be exact.

Listen, I’m not a psychic. I don’t know this information for a fact, but I’m just putting it out there and the public can decide because I’ve heard it discussed by a lot of people and I saw it online.

OK, so what did the psychic say about the Bidens?

“Champ says he needs memory foam bedding to ease problems with his joints,” according to Teeman’s piece. “Major thinks he may have dental problems. Both dogs say Joe Biden’s troubles with Donald Trump are far from over, but that their master is calm and focused enough to steer America forward. The very first thing I got was that they were both very excited about moving to the White House. I had a real connection, I felt that excitement of theirs. They showed me that Joe Biden is very bonded to his dogs and has a real connection to them. They kept showing me that although he has rescued one of the dogs, the dogs feel in many ways they have rescued him.”

Lee-Crowther told Teeman that the dogs feel that he will make a great president because “he loves to help people.” They described him as being a big softy. He talks to them like they are people about his ideas, hopes for the future and if he is having a good day or a bad day, just as he would talk to a person about things.

“They showed me that he feels as if dogs do understand him. He also has a great sense of humor,” Lee-Crowther said.

Charlie Powell is the public information officer for the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, which provides this column as a community service.

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