Before I get buried in projects I’ve put on the extensive and ever-optimistic New Year’s To-Do List, and before I start whining again about how little energy I have in this darkest quarter of the year, thus deflating myself before I even start, I want to report we had a fine Christmas.

By a fluke of his employment schedule, our son was able to come spend an extra week with us before his wife arrived, and he was willing to help his mom with a whole list of honey-do tasks. (My role here at home is house manager; my husband’s is recreation and relaxation director and enforcer.)

Our son got up on the ladder to switch out some high light fixtures, then did all the hauling and kneeling to replace a long-delinquent toilet for a new one I’d bought. He helped me purge and upgrade a closet, then made and installed a new shelf in the family room, which improved the whole TV unit and inspired offloading of some minor league clutter. He also helped me finish painting a hallway and room that, on his visit several months prior, I’d asked him to “just help me start. I can finish it myself.” He likes cutting in, and I prefer the rolling, so the team was back together, and we finished it. Yay!

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