On July 1, after mowing and then starting down a hill with our tractor, I started a nightmare as I gradually then completely lost brakes and steering and power. 

The tractor/backhoe swung back and forth wildly while I frantically pressed brakes and screamed.

At the bottom of the hill the tractor rolled and I ended up under it pinned by both legs. I continued screaming and praying knowing my husband was probably 20 acres away at the house with ear plugs in using a wood planer.

In an act we consider divine intervention, my husband about that time decided to go inside to make a make a phone call. He heard what he first thought was a hawk, but then recognized as screams, and ran to find me pinned under the tractor.

After calling 911 we waited for the volunteer emergency responders with me still screaming in pain.

Within 15 minutes the first responder arrived, quickly followed by the rest of the team and Life Flight was called.

The emergency team got the tractor lifted, and once Life Flight staff arrived I was almost immediately unaware of the searing pain and the last thing I remember was the sound of the helicopter blades.

Had all these wonderful people not been there I would have bled to death, and that was only the beginning; the Sacred Heart ER, ICU, surgical and floor staff all are part of the team that saved my life (including wonderful surgeons and an amazing plastic surgeon still working to save my foot).

To say I am grateful for God’s care and all these dedicated people would be like saying a gorgeous diamond is a shiny rock.

Words cannot fully express my gratitude and I wanted to publicly say what amazing volunteers Deary EMS has, as well as the life flight crew and hospital staff.

This day that started out so tragic has put lots of things in perspective about what is worth complaining about, and I find that the answer to that is not much.

Veronica Crockett


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