“Project Hail Mary” by Andy Weir

Lost in space with no memory of who he is or why he’s there, Ryland Grace awakens only knowing two things: That he has been asleep for a very, very long time, and everyone else on his ship is dead. As his memories slowly resurface, Ryland quickly realizes that an impossible task is now confronting him. It’s up to Ryland alone to puzzle out an impossible scientific mystery and defeat an extinction level threat to all of humanity.

“Sensor” by Junji Ito

Horror legend, Junji Ito, brings you to new levels of fear with his graphic novel about a woman wandering alone at the foot of Mt. Sengoku. Suddenly, a man appears, saying that he’s been waiting for her. Unperturbed by this strange claim, she follows him to a nearby village where everything is covered in golden glass-like fibers. The strangeness only heightens when night falls and the villagers look up to see countless UFOs raining down upon them. Little does the woman realize that this is only the beginning of the horror about to be unleashed.

“The Echo Wife” by Sarah Gailey

Evelyn Caldwell’s husband is having an affair … with Evelyn Caldwell. Or, to be more precise, with a genetically cloned replica of Evelyn. After a confrontation ends with Evelyn’s husband bleeding out on the kitchen floor, the two Caldwell wives will have to think fast before sharing everything includes a charge of murder.


“Opposites Abstract” by Mo Willems

Mo Willems is famous for his “Knuffle Bunny,” “Pigeon,” “Elephant” and “Piggie” books yet his artistic scope and depth announces itself unequivocally with “Opposites Abstract.” An invitation into a conversation about art, perspective, engagement that goes beyond the creative space into humanity and community. This book invites conversation and creativity. Available as a print book.

“Hear My Voice: the Testimonies of Children Detained at the Southern Border of the United States” by Warren Binford

Hear My Voice is a testimony of heartbreak, resilience and suffering. The migrant children caught in detention camps at the Southern border have claimed their voice through this collection of personal voices being amplified through this book. Sixteen artists and illustrators come together to shine a light on the humanity of each child and the injustice of this humanitarian crisis that must be resolved and reconcile. Available as a print book.

“My Family, Your Family!” by Kathryn Cole

A board book that celebrates your family plus neighbors, classmates and people you don’t yet know.  There are so many ways to represent what a family looks like from single parents to co-parents, foster and Queer parents too. A happy book of love and connection that reminds us that no two families look exactly alike. Available as a print book.

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