“The Jeopardy Book of Answers” by Harry Friedman

Get ready for the holiday drive by checking out this 35th Anniversary edition featuring questions and answers from some of the show’s best games.

“The Thanksgiving Ceremony” by Edward Bleier

Meant to be read around the dinner table, this e-book is a collection stories, songs, poems, hymns and traditions that will inspire families to create new Thanksgiving traditions.

“How to Cook Everything Thanksgiving” by Mark Bittman

Cooking the big feast is a bit of a project but with this eBook anyone can be confident preparing the big meal. It includes 20 classic recipes, as well as 29 variations to ensure everyone from the turkey lover to the vegan feasts well.


“Noah Noasaurus” by Elaine Kiely Kearns; illustrated by Colin Jack

Little Noah the dinosaur just wants to be left alone. He’s so adverse to fun he continually shouts “no” at all the other dinos who want to play with him. But how will Noah feel when his buddies finally follow his wishes and truly leave him alone?

“Underwear!” by Jenn Harney

There is nothing better than a good underwear picturebook. This silly rhyming book features daddy and baby bear as they get ready for bed. The undies jokes abound as baby bear stalls.

“Up, up, up, down” by Kimberly Gee

This sweet book is perfect for your littlest reader. With simple text and illustrations children are introduced to the world of opposites. So pick up this book and sit down with your baby for a perfect shared read.


“Love Poems for People With Children” by John Kenney

From birth into early adulthood, the daily absurdity of living with and caring for kids is crafted into laugh out loud poetry that is both cathartic and brilliant.

“Delish Insane Sweets” by Joanna Saltz and the Editors of Delish

Anyone can bake an amazing dessert. This simple to use cookbook transforms basic ingredients into over the top desserts.

Neill Public Library staff have been giving it a thorough test run, and it is getting raving reviews.

“The Witches Are Coming” by Lindy West

In this wickedly funny cultural critique, the author of the critically acclaimed memoir and Hulu series Shrill exposes misogyny in the #MeToo era. Written as a collection of essays, Lindy West’s voice is articulate succinct, powerful and reverberates deeply and profoundly.

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