“Once There Were Wolves” by Charlotte McConaghy

Set in the Scottish highlands, this captivating work of literary fiction comes from the author of the bestseller “Migrations.” Twin sisters Inti and Aggie Flynn lead a team of biologists on an endeavor to reintroduce a pack of gray wolves into the remote highlands. Things go from promising to deadly, and the fate of the wolves and the women seemingly become tied together.

“The Turnout” by Megan Abbott

This psychological thriller takes place in the graceful and disciplined setting of a family-owned ballet studio. Sisters Dara and Marie, along with Charlie, a former dancer and Dara’s husband, have run the school since the girls’ parents’ tragic death over a decade before. A suspicious accident interrupts the school’s annual performance of “The Nutcracker.”

“The Icepick Surgeon: Murder, Fraud, Sabotage, Piracy, and Other Dastardly Deeds Perpetrated in the Name of Science” by Sam Kean

This nonfiction work looks at the intersection of true crime, science history and medical ethics. Tracing back 2,000 years of history, Kean examines the sins of science, from the human experiments of Tuskegee and Nazi Germany, to the icepick lobotomies from the 1950s, and potential failings in the future.


“Coming Home to Nez Perce Country” by Trevor James Bond

When you visit a museum and see collections of Native American artifacts on display, do you ever wonder how it was acquired? Trevor Bond tells the story of one collection of Nez Perce items as it makes its way rightfully home to its indigenous community thus examining the ethics of acquiring Native American cultural history. Through extensive interviews with Nez Perce experts and in depth archival research, we learn not only the story of this particular collection but are left examining a bigger conversation on the ethics of exhibits and collections.

“Fox & I, An Uncommon Friendship” by Catherine Raven

Nature is a space that invites experiences of awe, wonder, solitude and reflection. For Catherine Raven, at a pivotal moment in her life, between completing her doctorate and working full time in society, she finds herself living in an isolated cabin grappling with both physical and emotional isolation and loneliness. A daily encounter with a fox offers a new kind of friendship and deeper understanding of herself, nature and ultimately that we are never alone when we are connected to the natural world.

“Seattle Walk Report: Secret Seattle” by Susanna Ryan

You could live your entire life in Seattle and find something new to discover and learn on every page of this illustrated guide to the most offbeat spots in Seattle. Part guided tour of uncommon locations and overlooked histories, this is an invitation to look at this Pacific Northwest city through a new perspective. Whether you choose to be an armchair traveler or make the trek, this book may also inspire you to look closer to the sidewalks, fire hydrants, utility covers and more in your own town.


“The Duke and I: No. 1 of Bridgerton” by Julia Quinn

You’ve seen the hit television series, now read the novels the show was based on. Simon Basset is tired of being constantly hounded by the ladies of society and their unmarried daughters. He turns to his best friend’s sister, Daphne, with a proposal of the indecent variety. A fake engagement, to improve Daphne’s desirability to other men and to finally give Simon some peace and quiet. What could possibly go wrong?

“The Nature of a Lady: No. 1 of Secrets of the Isles” by Roseanna M. White

This novel that features Lady Elizabeth Sinclair, who feels out of place in society as she prefers pursuing science rather than husbands. Elizabeth decides to escape to a summer cottage in Sicily and stumbles into dangerous secrets and a handsome clergyman, left behind by the cottage’s former occupant.

“The Wisteria Society of Lady scoundrels: No. 1 of Dangerous Damsels” by India Holton

So you’ve breezed through the Bridgerton series, now what? Maybe this novel that features Cecilia Bassingwaite, ideal Victorian lady by day, master thief by night. Cecilia’s relatively peaceful double life is rudely interrupted when she meets the handsome Ned Lightbourne and immediately finds out he’s an assassin assigned to kill her. Can Cecilia change Ned’s mind, and team up with him to fight the real villain, the crazed pirate Captain Morvath?

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