“1781 The Decisive Year of the Revolutionary War” by Robert L. Tonsetic

1781 was one of those rare years in American history when the future of the nation hung by a thread and only the fortitude, determination and sacrifice of its leaders and civilians ensured its survival. This book analyses the key battles and campaigns that made 1781 such a pivotal year.

“Unlikely Allies” by Joel Richard Paul

This is the story of three remarkable and little known historical figures, a merchant, a playwright and a spy who together spun a fascinating web of political intrigue and international politics that helped to save the American Revolution.

“Revolutionary Summer” by Joseph J. Ellis

During the summer months of 1776, 13 colonies came together and agreed to secede from the British Empire. At the same time, the British Empire was dispatching the largest armada ever to cross the Atlantic in order to crush the rebellion. This book puts a new spin on an old tale and weaves together the political and military experiences to tell two sides of a single story.


“Yes She Can: 10 Stories of Hope & Change from Young Female Staffers of the Obama White House” By Molly Dillon

Return to President Obama’s White House in this anthology featuring stories from 10 inspiring young staffers who joined his administration in their 20s with the hope of making a difference. “Yes She Can” imparts a timely message about the need for more girls in government, these recollections are about stepping out into the spotlight and up to the challenge.

“Babymoon” By Hayley Barrett

“The house is hushed. The lights are low. We’re basking in a newborn glow.” An ideal story for new and expectant parents (and siblings), this gentle story pays tribute to the wonder and emotion of a family’s first days with a newborn.

“Beyond Words: What Elephants and Whales Think and Feel” By Carl Safina

This young reader’s adaptation of the New York Times bestseller invites readers to follow researcher Carl Safina as he examines animal personhood as told through the inspired narrative portraits of elephants, wolves and dolphins. Along the way, find out more about the interior lives of these giants of land and sea how they play, how they fight and how they communicate with one another, and sometimes with us, too. “Beyond Words: What Elephants and Whales Think and Feel” gives readers an intimate and extraordinary look at what makes these animals different from us, but more importantly, what makes us all similar.


“Thank You For Smoking” by Paula Disbrowe

“Fun and fearless recipes cooked with a whiff of wood fire on your grill or smoker.” Disbrowe provides 100 recipes to step-up simple every day meals with smoky flavors. Easy to follow recipes can be made in as little as 30 minutes and include vegetarian dishes, sides, seafood, pork, chicken and beef, as well as dishes not traditionally smoked, like hummus, taquitos and even desserts.

“The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty” by Susan Page

Meet the lady behind the pearls. Though often overlooked, Barbara Bush was one of the most influential women of the 20th century and led a fascinating life. In the first biography to include her full story, USA Today writer, Susan Page, drew from more than 100 interviews with Bush’s friends and family, as well as hours of conversations with the first lady herself and diaries that span decades.

“The Pioneers” by David McCullough

The heroic story of the settlers who brought the American ideal west. Pulitzer prize-winning author McCullough explains how the newly founded United States expanded from its original territories in the Northwest and how three conditions influenced the settling of this area: freedom of religion, free universal education, and the prohibition of slavery. The story draws inspiration from a little known set of diaries from actual pioneers, whose ambition and courage helped them accomplish unimaginable feats.

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