“The Theft of America’s Soul” by Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson, patriarch of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” makes the argument that without God, America has no future and is turning into a nation without values, morality, decency or virtue, and that by returning to God we can bring back peace and prosperity.

“I Think You’re Wrong but I’m Listening” by Sarah Stewart Holland

More than ever, politics seem to be driven by conflict and anger. In this book, two working moms from opposite ends of the political spectrum guide you on how to have calm, dignified conversations by putting relationships before policy and understanding before arguments.

“Biased” by Jennifer L. Eberhardt

This book, by one of the world’s leading experts in unconscious bias, shows that you don’t have to be a racist to be biased, and uncovers the hidden prejudice that can shape what we see, think and do.


“A Heart in the Body of the World” by Deb Caletti

From Seattle to Washington, D.C., each step on Annabelle’s 2,700-mile cross-country run brings her closer to facing a trauma from her past. A National Book Award finalist and Printz Honor Book, “A Heart in the Body of the World” follows Annabelle’s journey into reluctant activism and healing.

“Monday’s Not Coming” by Tiffany D. Jackson

Monday Charles is missing, and only her best friend, Claudia, seems to notice. From the critically acclaimed author of “Allegedly,” Tiffany D. Jackson, comes a gripping new novel perfect for fans of E. Lockhart and Gillian Flynn about the mystery of one teenage girl’s disappearance and the traumatic effects of the truth.

“The Rough Patch” by Brian Lies

Evan and his dog do everything together, from eating ice cream to caring for their prize-winning garden. One day, the unthinkable happens: Evan’s dog dies. A Caldecott Honor book and an ALA Notable book, this is a moving story for anyone of any age who has experienced any type of loss or disappointment. It is a story about love, loss and hope, and the healing power of friendship and nature.


“Life at the Zoo: The Secret World of Your Favorite Animals” by Michael George

Learn all about the amazing and adorable lives of the animals you can find at the zoo. Children will discover many interesting facts, such as using sugar as a behavior reward for lemurs. Reading this book will definitely get you in the spirit to visit a zoo during your spring and summer travels.

“Pete the Cat’s Groovy Bake Sale” by James Dean

Stop by the library to check out our newest “Pete the Cat” book by James Dean. Join the iconic Pete as he and his mom get ready for the big bake sale. What happens when your cookies burn and ice cream turns to soup? Will anyone buy your baked goods? Read the book to find out.

“Grumpy Duck” by Joyce Dunbar and Petr Horáek

We can all relate to Duck — sometimes, we are just plain grumpy. Luckily, Duck has an amazing group of animal friends who will stop at nothing to cheer him up. Enjoy this book with your little one and teach them that a bad day is not here to stay, and it can turn into a wonderful celebration.

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