“Napoleon’s Hemorrhoids” by Phil Mason

This book is a hilarious, fascinating, roller-coaster ride of historical what-ifs and lesser-known anecdotes for serious historians and casual history buffs that reveals how much of history turned out to be the consequences or fortune, accident or just plain luck.

“Queen Victoria’s Matchmaking” by Deborah Cadbury

As her reign approached its sixth decade, Queen Victoria had more than 30 grandchildren and she determined to maneuver them into a series of dynastic marriages with the royal houses of Europe.

“Worn on This Day” by Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell

Beginning Jan. 1 and ending Dec. 31, this book looks at garments worn on monumental occasions across the century, offering capsule fashion histories of everything from Marie-Antoinette’s battered shoes to Jackie Kennedy’s Inauguration Day coat and pill box hat.


“The Kids Are in Bed: Finding Time for Yourself in the Chaos of Parenting” by Rachel Bertsche

Whether you’re a new or seasoned parent, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of your child’s needs and an ever-growing list of chores. This book, based on scientific research, is a guide to reclaiming your identity and limited free-time as a parent without succumbing to guilt.

“Viral Parenting: A Guide to Setting Boundaries, Building Trust, and Raising Responsible Kids in an Online World” by Mindy McKnight

The digital universe is ever-expanding, and keeping kids safe online has become a daunting task. This book offers practical tools to teach kids how to be responsible in the digital world and communicative in reality.

“The Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction” by Meghan Cox Gurdon

Reading aloud is life-changing for both children and adults. Using the latest neuroscience and behavioral research, this book explains the amazing cognitive and social-emotional benefits of reading books out loud together.


“LEGO Build Yourself Happy: The Joy of LEGO Play” by Abbie Headon

Looking for creative ways to explore mindfulness and find inner peace in 2020? LEGO offers creative benefits for adults, too. With more than 50 mindful LEGO building activities, discover how you can find balance, connect with friends and family, relax and improve your sleep habits.

“Brain Wash: Detox Your Mind for Clearer Thinking, Deeper Relationships, and Lasting Happiness” by David Perlmutter and Austin Perlmutter

Based on the latest science, “Brain Wash” identifies the mental hijacking that undermines each and every one of us. The book presents the tools necessary to think more clearly, make better decisions, strengthen bonds with others and develop healthier habits.

“Father of Lions: One Man’s Remarkable Quest to Save the Mosul Zoo” by Louise Callaghan

“Father of Lions” is the powerful true story of the evacuation of the Mosul Zoo. Combining narratives of humanity in the wake of war with the accounts of rescued animals, “Father of Lions” will appeal to fans of true animal stories, such as “A Streetcat Named Bob” and “Marley and Me.”

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