“When No One Is Watching” by Alyssa Cole

This Black Own Voices thriller has been described as “Rear Window” meets “Get Out.” As her Brooklyn neighborhood becomes more gentrified, Sydney Green finds evidence that her neighbors might not just be disappearing to the suburbs, but disappearing altogether.

“Transcendent Kingdom: A Novel” by Yaa Gyasi

From the author of the best seller, “Homegoing,” this Own Voices work of literary fiction is a bit of a departure from Gyasi’s debut. As a doctoral candidate in neuroscience, Gifty looks to both science and faith to try to understand the struggles of her Ghanaian immigrant family.

“The Lying Life of Adults” by Elena Ferrante

Soon to be a Netflix series, this coming of age novel in translation is the first work of fiction from Ferrante since the final book in the highly acclaimed Neapolitan Quartet released five years ago. Set in Naples in the 1990s, this story illustrates how one comment can change the course of a young girl’s life.


“The Woman Who Smashed Codes” by Jason Fagone

This is the incredible true story of the greatest code breaking duo that every lived, an American woman and her husband who invented the modern science of cryptology and used it to confront the modern evils of their time, solving puzzles that unmasked Nazi spies and help to win WWII.

“Saturday Night Widow” by Becky Aikman

This is the true story of six young widowed women who decide to meet once a month to support each other while dealing with their grief and trying to remake their lives. It is the story of how individual people experience grief and transcend loss with humor, resilience and a striving spirit.

“Kabul Beauty School” by Deborah Rodrigues

Soon after the fall of the Taliban in 2001, Rodrigues went to Afghanistan as a part of a group offering humanitarian aid to a war-torn nation. Surrounded by doctors, nurses and therapists she felt like her profession as a hairdresser wouldn’t be much help until she opened a beauty school and gave women the opportunity to become breadwinners and take control of their own destinies.

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