“A Catered St. Patrick’s Day” by Isis Crawford

Celebrate the luck of the Irish with this fun mystery e-book that includes recipes. When the lifeless body of Mike Sweeny floats to the top of a vat of green beer, it looks like his luck has run out. It’s up to the Simmons sisters to solve the case.

“Ireland” by Frank Delany

In the winter of 1951, a storyteller arrives at the home of 9-year-old Ronan O’Mara in the Irish countryside. For three wonderful evenings, he enthralls Ronan with tales of foolish kings, fable saints and Ireland’s accomplishments.

“The Princess of Ireland” by Edward Rutherford

This e-book is a magnificent epic about love and battle, family life and political intrigue in Ireland over the course of 11 centuries. It brilliantly weaves impeccable historical research and mesmerizing storytelling in capturing the essence of a place and its people.


“Emergency Kittens!” by Jody Jensen Shaffer; illustrated by Dave Mottram

Sometimes situations call for superheroes, but there are other times that only emergency kittens can save the day. When bullies steal a little boy’s ball, the superheroes try to win it back, but chaos ensues as they destroy the entire playground.

“Eek, you reek!: Poems About Animals that Stink, Stank, Stunk” by Jane Yolen and Heidi E.Y. Stemple; illustrated by Eugenia Nobati.

The title of this book says it all. With hilarious poems about the sinkiest creatures around are coupled with equally gross illustrations. This book also contains a reference section in the back of the book to explain the importance of stinky smells.

“Poop” by Poppy Champignon and Mark Hoffmann

In this simple picture book, the rhythm of language is celebrated through rhyme. Specifically rhyming of the word poop because who doesn’t love a good poop joke. Pairing this book with a lesson regarding hand-washing is a fun and engaging way to teach children about hygiene and germs.


“The Story Pirates Present: Digging Up Danger” by Jaqueline West

Thirteen-year-old amateur ghost expert Eliza joins her botanist mother on a job in a very old flower shop, where each investigates some highly unusual things. This spine-tingling mystery doubles as an introduction to the basics of creative writing.

“Don’t Feed the Coos!” by Jonathan Stutzman

A laugh-out-loud picture book in which a little girl must find a way to escape an insatiable flock of pigeons after sharing some bread with one.

“The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins” by Clint McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy

A graphic novel based on “The Adventure Zone” podcast, join Taako the elf wizard, Merle the dwarf cleric and Magnus the human warrior for an adventure they are poorly equipped to handle at best, “guided” by their snarky DM. A classic fantasy adventure that will tickle your funny bone and tug at your heartstrings.

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