“Memoirs and Misinformation” By Jim Carrey and Dana Vachon

This absurdist fever-dream of a fictional biography mixes truth with satire. The protagonist, fictional Jim Carrey, moves through a midlife crisis to the end of the world with a cast of other big Hollywood names.

“Memorial Drive: A Daughter’s Memoir” by Natasha Trethewey

In this heartbreaking memoir, Trethewey, a former U.S. poet laureate, shares her grief over her mother who was murdered when she was 19 by her former stepfather.

“Eat the Buddha: Life and Death in a Tibetan Town” by Barbara Demick

In this nonfiction work, Demick shares a journalistic history of Tibet under Chinese rule. Through beautiful writing and rigorous research, she tells the very human story of the people fighting against violence and tyranny to gain freedom.


“The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank” by Willy Lindwer

On Aug. 1, 1944, Anne Frank made her last entry into her now famous diary and this biography is the “unofficial” unwritten last chapter and tells the story of what happened to Anne from the moment she was picked up by the Gestapo until she perished about seven months later.

“A Jewish Doctor in Auschwitz” by Sima Vaisman

In 1945, Sima Vaisman was released from Auschwitz death camp and upon her return home wrote an immediate account of her experience, which included assisting Dr. Joseph Mengele, the infamous “Angel of Death.” She then stuck it in a drawer where it was forgotten until 40 years later when her niece found it.

“The Volunteer” by Jack Fairweather

This is the true story of a Polish resistance fighter’s infiltration into Auschwitz to sabotage the camp from within and his death-defying attempt to warn the Allies about the Nazis’ plans for a “final solution” before it was too late.

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