Actually, it’s a report on the New Year’s resolution (singular) as I only made one. And so far I’m doing well. I haven’t slipped up even once.

Well, I did slip up once, but that was to fall the day after Christmas, and either crack or severely bruise a rib. I was out for an early morning walk, enjoying the lovely fresh snow, under which, at a particular corner of the rec center parking lot, unbeknownst to me, a sheet of glare ice lay waiting. This happened just as I was reaching for my cellphone in a rear pocket. So who protected what? The cellphone didn’t even touch the ground, but I slammed into it.

Maybe my mishap was the cellphone’s fault. Not so long ago, I didn’t have one to even reach into a pocket and lose my balance over. I’ve always believed I was a little better-than-average limber and sure-footed, but oh well. Whatever. We all get our comeuppance eventually.

As you may or may not remember, this is the worst time of the year for me. I’ve whined about it plenty already. Yeah, yeah, I appreciate that some people love it, but I just try to keep my head down and plow through. Now that the winter solstice is behind us and the days are getting longer, I’m again trying to convince myself the pendulum is on the upswing.

For an earlier decade, I was able to leave and go by myself to a little hideaway town in Mexico each winter, ostensibly to write and practice my Spanish, but for the second year now, I won’t be going. Even though COVID-19 precautions appear to be followed more seriously in a lot of places in Mexico than they are around here, I’m conflicted. Resistance to vaccination in Mexico, many believe, stems in greater part from a lack of government planning, and insufficient vaccine supplies, than actual resistance. And I’m tempted to go, since my own state government fights any and all vaccine mandates. But I don’t particularly want to get on any airplanes, or travel in close proximity to some of my own compatriots.

For me, this is all a recipe for feeling old. Those days when you could get thrown off a sled headfirst, somersault in midair, land, and then scramble right back up for another go? Or when you crashed, spread-eagle, and slid flat on your back countless yards down the ski slope — unless your bindings didn’t release and you went twirling down instead of sliding? Whichever it was, you brushed all the snow off from your butt and everywhere, including the insides of your cuffs and your neck, and headed back over to the lift?

Personally though, this whole recent mindset has helped me keep my one resolution. I‘ve hunkered down and maintained it in these trying circumstances, even while attempting not to exceed the maximum allowable daily dosage of Ibuprofen, and while trying to sleep upright in a chair because it’s too hard to lay flat.

Ahhh … the things we take for granted, like range of motion, and sleeping in our own bed.But I’ve started the new year with a greater sense of gratitude, instead of just more whining. While pondering my current woes, which hopefully should be relatively short lived, I realize that isn’t the same with everyone’s physical limitations and I’m reminded to try to be more compassionate and caring.

And there are other things to remember and be grateful for:

I’m grateful that my husband has been doing all the shoveling. We have a lo-o-ng driveway.

2. The snow’s been quite bright, during daylight hours at least, which means more lumens hit the backs of the retinas, creating light therapy, which in turn decreases the seasonal doldrums.

3. I have more excuses not to go anywhere.

4. I have actually completed several projects started months ago. I finished knitting a pair of fingerless gloves for each of our kids and their mates, and a pair of mittens for our granddaughter. Plus a sweater for her, which might just still fit.

No, nothing arrived in time for Christmas. But hey, it’s still winter.

Are you wondering what my one resolution was? It was to not make any resolutions. So in this New Year, my slate is clear!

Leffingwell continues her attempts to downsize without moving or dying, though with currently reduced expectations.

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