Annette Pimentel is a trustee of the Latah County Library District, where she has served as treasurer and is on both the finance and planning committees. She writes nonfiction picture books for elementary school-age children. I had the lovely opportunity to talk to Annette about her work as a children’s author. As you eavesdrop on our conversation, you’re sure to see how passionate she is about her work and about serving her community.

Michelle: Can you tell me a little about who you are, both as a writer and as a library board member?

Annette: I write nonfiction picture books for kids. I spend a lot of my life in libraries doing research, and I have always loved community libraries. We moved a lot in our family’s life, and it’s always one of our very first tasks in a new place — to go and get a library card. We moved to Moscow seven years ago, and I immediately started using the Moscow library. When there was an opening on the library board, I decided that I would love to contribute to our community that way. It seemed like a really exciting prospect to be able to contribute to something that I value in our community, to be able to make sure that the generations that are coming up are also going to have access to those great things. My husband is a professor at the University of Idaho. He’s on sabbatical this year so we are living in Graz, Austria, where he does his research. I am continuing to serve on the library board. It means I have middle of the night meetings, but it’s lovely to have a connection with Latah County in these months when I’m not physically present there.

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