Bill Webber was home recovering from a knee replacement when he took a hard fall and fractured his right femur. It was a very cold winter and Bill’s femur was no match for the icy, slippery surface.

After a brief stay in the hospital involving femur fracture surgery, Bill came to Avalon Care Center for a couple of months where he received intensive physical and occupational therapy.

Now, he is recovering from both a knee replacement and femur fracture.

When Bill arrived at Avalon, he could only touch-down weight bare on his right foot and required a lot of assistance to simply get up from a seated position, walk across the room and complete the activities of daily living that most of us find simple.

He sure missed his dog, Buddy, but he stayed the course and gave maximum effort with his therapy to meet all his goals.

Bill returned to his home in Pullman after healing from surgery and meeting his goals of improved balance, transferring independently, and being able to complete all of his typical activities of daily living independently. Bill is so glad to be back home with Buddy.

He moved to Pullman from Marin County in California with his late wife in 2004 to be near their only son, who works at Schweitzer.

Bill has a grandson who is living with him now and said he really enjoys having him around the house.

Bill’s face sure lights up when talking about his son and grandchildren. Bill is currently working on a 1,500-piece jig-saw puzzle, which is a hobby of his.

In fact, when he was at Avalon he worked on jigsaw puzzles when he wasn’t working out in the therapy gym.

Now, when Bill stops in at the Avalon Care Center in Pullman, it’s just for a quick visit, a few hugs from old friends and to let Buddy hang out for a bit.

Bill said that when he was staying at Avalon Buddy was being boarded and they put him on a diet because, “I fed him too much.” We think Buddy is looking great.

We are so blessed to know Bill and to have been a part of his success at getting back to life and back to Buddy.

Candice “CeeCee” Durham

Avalon Care Center for Pullman

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