We want to thank and commend the Potlatch Rural Fire District emergency rescue team and the Latah County Sheriff’s office for their outstanding service.

On June 15, I had an accident while hiking on Bald Mountain Trail about 1½ miles from the White Pine Campground outside Harvard. I fell into the creek and suffered a compound fracture of my ankle. I decided to keep my boot on and stay in the creek because it was very cold and that seemed like a good way to keep the swelling down and numb the pain. My husband ran up a ridge to get cell coverage and called 911.

That dispatch system activated the Potlatch Rural Fire District and the Latah County Sheriff’s office. They organized quickly and soon had an ambulance at the campground parking lot and a deputy and a team of rescuers had started up the trail toward me. I so appreciate the calm and skilled evaluation of my condition when they reached me, the careful transfer to the inflatable stretcher, and the coordinated labor it took to carry me the 1½ miles out. I also appreciate the conversation and occasional light-hearted humor on that trek out. In the ambulance, again I was impressed with the skill, teamwork and kindness exemplified by the rescuers. Every person carried out their duties promptly and effectively worked to ensure my comfort, and communicated well with the overall team.

Thank you so much for your invaluable service. We are indeed lucky to have such outstanding rescue care in our area.

Judy Meuth and Rich Alldredge


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