A gathering of women all with the first name of “Nancy” was held at the 1912 Center on Sept. 29. Our thanks to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News for helping us get the word out. Special thanks to Michelle Schmidt — reporter for the Inland 360 for the delightful article in 360 last week. Thanks also to Jenny Kostroff, Executive Director of the Heart of the Arts Inc. for use of the Great Room at the 1912 Center when the weather got too cold to meet in the park. And thanks to all the 23 “Nancys” and friends that joined together to meet new “Nancys,” reconnect with those who are already friends and share the stories of their name. It was so much fun that we’ll do it again next summer — when it’s warmer. Thanks to each and everyone who helped make this event possible.

Nancy Lyle

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