Moscow's engineering department is pounding out the details for a sidewalk extension on West Pullman Road funded by Walmart to improve pedestrian access to the store that reopens later this month.

City engineer Kevin Lilly said the $19,000 donation from Walmart came after renovations began at the store last summer, and extension of the sidewalk from the west end of the Palouse Mall parking lot to the east side of the U-Haul store connecting to Hatley Way had been a city goal.

The hope for the city is to extend pedestrian access all along West Pullman Road, Lilly said.

"It's been a long time that we've been wanting to make that connection there ... . Fortunately (Walmart was) willing to kick in," he said.

Lilly said Walmart is currently working on a stairway that will lead from the sidewalk on Hatley Way, and another sidewalk will run behind the mall, wrapping behind Hatley and providing handicap access.

The city will likely go to bid on the sidewalk project in the spring. It may be packaged with several others for better pricing. A new sidewalk assistance program approved late last year will also likely begin this spring.

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