2021 One year ago

When the University of Idaho decided last spring it would close its Prichard Art Gallery space in Moscow, director Roger Rowley said it felt like the gallery was headed for a cliff’s edge. A little more than a year later, Rowley and the gallery space have come back from that edge. The Prichard space has been reopened for art exhibitions by the nonprofit Rowley-led Moscow Contemporary. ... June Daugherty, who led the Washington State women’s basketball team for 11 seasons as part of a 29-year head coaching career in the Pacific Northwest, died at her home in Boise. She was 64. Daugherty had been shadowed by heart problems throughout her WSU career, most alarmingly with a cardiac arrest that almost took her life scarcely a month after she took the job in 2007. Her husband and former assistant, Mike, alluded to his wife’s caring, upbeat nature in a Facebook post in which he invoked the acronym for “greatest of all time.”

2017 Five years ago

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