2020 One year ago today

Latah County Clerk/Auditor/Recorder Henrianne Westberg is strongly encouraging absentee voting this November to protect voters, election staff and poll workers from COVID-19.“We really don’t want people to come to the polls,” Westberg said. “The polls will be open for people that really need a place, but they shouldn’t have to go to a poll and worry about whether they’re going to catch the virus. I don’t want to suppress voting. I want people to absentee vote so that we don’t have a big crowd at these polling places.” … The National Guard will begin testing Washington State University students and employees for COVID-19 next week in an effort to increase testing capacity in Pullman. Cougar Health Services medical director Bonnie de Vries told community leaders that WSU has been slow in getting its own testing operations running. However, Cougar Health Services started testing students and will receive additional help from a National Guard unit.

2016 Five years ago today

Based on the smiles in Pullman High School’s woodshop classroom, it was hard to tell who was more excited — the teacher or the students. PHS shop teacher Vince Hanley had a spring in his step for the first day of school as he showed his students the new facilities in the classroom, and the students were equally impressed. The shop class wasn’t offered the past two years due to renovations and construction at the high school. … After almost exactly 19 years of business, CJ’s Nightclub owners Phil and Shelley Roderick closed the business’ doors to retire. While the closure was sudden, Shelley Roderick said the building has been for sale for as far back as she could remember, and everything came together during the past week. She said she and her husband sold the building’s liquor license but have not finalized a sale on the building.

2011 10 years ago today

Officials throughout Washington State University said they were pleased to welcome a larger percentage of multicultural students to the Pullman campus this fall. Overall, 29 percent of this year’s approximately 4,200 freshmen are non-white compared with last year’s 23 percent. … The newest students on the University of Idaho campus don’t have textbooks, term papers or tuition on their minds. Two of their biggest concerns are when they’ll get a snack and a nap. Wednesday was the first day of fall classes in the Moscow School District, and kindergartners at West Park Elementary School were no exception, even though their classrooms are on the university campus due to limited space in the school building.

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