2019 One year ago today

A new multistory, mixed-use building planned for Pullman’s downtown corridor cleared a regulatory hurdle that will allow for 10 three-bedroom apartments in the building. Called “Paradise Lofts,” the new building is proposed for the corner of Paradise and Daniel streets, southeast of Evolve on Main, where a sign for the Foundry restaurant now stands. … Richard Corey, a 66-year-old Deary resident, recently went against the grain when he brought a rusty seed drill and fertilizer spreader from his father’s property back to life. The fifth-generation Deary resident said his pasture northwest of Deary had probably not been tilled for at least 30 years and an invasive weed species called Ventenata was taking over the land. He said he knew he needed a way to plant seeds and fertilize the pasture after tilling it, but farming equipment can cost thousands of dollars and he would only need to use it sparingly.

2015 Five years ago today

A 24-year-old worker from Seattle had climbed halfway out of a manhole at the Mobil station in Pullman when he suddenly found himself in the dark and pinned to the ground. He had placed four small orange cones around the spot where he was working, police said, but the driver of a large pickup did not see them or him and drove over the manhole after pumping gas. The driver moved the pickup when he heard the man yelling from beneath. The worker was shaken but uninjured. … Before imposing a three-year, 1 percent assessment increase for research and advertising, the Washington Dry Pea and Lentil Commission held a public hearing for local farmers to voice their opinions in Colfax. Tim McGreevy, CEO of the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council in Moscow, said the increase is being proposed in response to the United Nations declaring 2016 the International Year of Pulse Crops. It’s a prime opportunity to begin a pulse brand advertising campaign, McGreevy said, and invest in research to increase productivity.

2010 10 years ago today

Latah and Whitman counties may have a new solution for local recycling with one of the largest North American waste collectors, Waste Management, eyeing ground in Spokane for a new $12 million single-stream recycling center. The Spokane center, a 40,000 square-foot structure planned near Spokane International Airport within the next year, will act as a sorting warehouse for most of Washington east of the Cascades and Idaho, as far south as Boise, said Ken Gimpel, WM municipal relations manager. … Latah County Sheriff’s deputies cordoned off a section of Troy afternoon after a car hit a gas line in town.

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