2018 One year ago today

Parents and children cavorted about the University of Idaho Arboretum sporting floppy sun hats, bug nets and infectious enthusiasm for capturing the buzzing and fluttering critters. Beneficial insects of the Palouse — specifically pollinators, predators and parasitoids — were the at the center of Saturday’s arboretum program. … Pullman residents joined the Pullman Police Department in Kruegel Park for the second annual Aerial Adventure Day — a day of drone education, piloting and racing. Attendees were invited to pose questions to the department’s two drone pilots, watch professional racers compete against one another or bring their own drone to fly through an on-site obstacle course.

2014 Five years ago today

As wildfires blaze relentlessly throughout Washington and Idaho, playing havoc with air quality around the Pacific Northwest, researchers at WSU are intent on their task of predicting where the smoke will go, and at what levels. As Palouse residents know, it’s been blowing their way at times the past couple of days. ... Moscow City Councilor Wayne Krauss thinks it would be unwise for the city to move ahead with plans for a $143,000 four-seat, brick restroom in the north end of the Jackson Street parking lot without having some idea how much it would be used. So, Krauss suggested the city temporarily install a portable restroom and set it up with a counter to measure how often and when it is used before committing money for a structure design.

2009 10 years ago today

The Pullman City Council passed an ordinance that aims to prevent illegal discharge of materials into the city’s stormwater system. The ordinance was first brought to the city leaders July 21, but the council raised concerns about language regarding the city’s ability to regulate activities on private property and that the ordinance could have prohibited activities like charity car washes. ... Local area health departments, public schools and universities are preparing for a potential H1N1 flu outbreak this fall. Timothy Moody, health officer for the Whitman County Health Department, said his department began planning a few months ago. There already have been a few swine flu cases at children’s summer camps throughout the country, he said, and it might not be long before local cases begin to emerge.

1994 25 years ago today

This weekend may see the end of the 1994 wheat harvest on the Palouse. This hasn’t been the best year for area farmers who have seen their yields shrivel beneath this summer’s unforgiving sun. The heat also means that protein levels in the white winter wheat this area is famous for will be higher than exporting customers would like. … Classified and administrative staff pay in the Whitepine School District was increased an average of 8 percent for this school year. The raises were approved by the school board. Superintendent Harold Ott said the raises represent little more than cost of living increases accrued over the past two years. The annual cost of living increases in Idaho is estimated at 3.7 percent.

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