2018 One year ago today

Third-graders gathered excitedly around large, raised garden beds, digging their small hands into loose dirt in search of tubers and the occasional earthworm just outside McDonald Elementary School in Moscow. The morning’s gardening activity incorporated three third-grade classes rotating through different tasks. Those searching for potatoes weighed their findings while others nearby measured the width and length of pumpkins and sunflowers. … Kevin and Lori Clary remember their first hours as owners of The Breakfast Club on Moscow’s Main Street 20 years ago. They remember which booth they sat in as they waited for their first customers to show up. They remember where they seated those new patrons. Then, pretty soon, that quiet morning got hectic in a hurry. It has seemingly stayed that way for two decades after the Clarys took over the space that used to be home to the popular Nobby Inn.

2014 Five years ago today

A city council subcommittee found a transition plan for Moscow to move to single-stream recycling encouraging but needed more exact figures before being sent to the full council. Participation rates and potential increases in tonnage collected weren’t fleshed out in the report presented to the subcommittee. Those amounts will help determine the final cost of a new single-stream recycling system, said Tim Davis, Moscow’s sanitation manager. … Idaho House of Representatives candidate Caroline Nilsson Troy said she believes Idaho could make better use of the University of Idaho’s potential for furthering the state’s economy and providing more educational opportunities for rural students. With extension offices in almost every county in the state, she said, the university is the catalyst for research and development statewide, especially for natural resources and agricultural.

2009 10 years ago today

Brad Jaeckel, farm manager for the Washington State University Organic Farm, is facing the worst crop failure he has ever had. The crops were ruined by the freezing temperatures that came earlier than usual this year. The temperature dropped to 18 degrees in the Palouse area. Jaeckel said this situation was “completely abnormal” and as a result, the farm has canceled its fifth-annual Harvest Party. … The University of Idaho Faculty Senate took a break Tuesday from its ongoing discussions of institutional efficiency to address a number of concerns faculty members have about their university-provided health insurance. Plans A and B are preferred-provider plans with higher upfront costs but significantly lower deductibles than Plan H, which gives employees a health savings account that allows them to contribute pre-tax money from their paychecks to cover medical expenses.

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