2019 One year ago today

The Latah County commissioners plan to submit written comments opposing Idaho’s efforts to impose work requirements on expanded Medicaid recipients. “Work requirements are not only more expensive (for taxpayers), but they result in more people not being covered,” Commissioner Tom Lamar said. “That means the county indigent fund will continue to be needed. It’s just extremely inefficient.” The waiver, which is subject to federal approval, would impose a 20-hour-per-week work requirement on the expanded Medicaid program. … As the prevalence of childhood obesity continues to worsen in the U.S., one Washington State University researcher believes outdoor preschools may be key to curbing this trend at an early age. Amber Fyfe-Johnson, a WSU assistant research professor and former pediatrician, suggested that those who are overweight or obese at a young age often struggle on that trajectory through adulthood, increasing their risk for a number of health issues later in life, including heart disease.

2015 Five years ago today

Beneath the city streets of Moscow, a problem is building in the sewer pipes. Fats, oil and grease that make their way down the drain in homes and businesses are not easily disposed of, even by the city’s wastewater treatment plant. Ty Thompson, city Water and Wastewater Division environmental field technician, said while it’s easy to recognize the fat content of things like bacon grease, butter and oils, there are other foods and food by-products that have high fat content and should not be put down drains or disposals, including meat, sauces, gravy, salad dressings, grill scrapings, fried food and cheese. … From the street, the Pullman Armory doesn’t look much different these days, but since 2012 the space within has been significantly renovated and, there’s a new vision for its future. The Pullman Armory was completed in 1938 for the Washington National Guard, with squad rooms, a gym, a target range and recreational facilities. It has also been a community center, a support center and drop-off location for donations during floods, a movie theater and a venue for local basketball games.

2010 10 years ago today

The Latah County Human Rights Task Force presented a display titled “Immigration is a Moscow Experience” at the Farmers Market during Moscow’s Inclusive Community Week. Children could decorate flags from different countries, and residents could place stickers on a world map to designate where their ancestors came from. Alan Rose, a member of the task force who is originally from England, said the group wanted to highlight immigration this year because it’s a controversial topic in the United States. Immigration is a word that should be embraced, not one that inspires fear, he said. … The Whitman County Historical Society continues to renovate the old Jones School House it moved to the fairgrounds. The one-room, eight-grade schoolhouse was built in 1895 about two miles east of Dusty but was closed in 1942 with the consolidation of Whitman County schools. It then served as a meeting room for the Dusty Busy Bees club, a women’s social group.

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